“Licor estore near me,” you ask Google?

Wait a minute, did you mean to type, “liquor store near me?

licor estore for sale

No, you truly mean, “licor estore near me.”


Did you know that in the United States over 3,220,000 monthly search attempts are submitted into Google that search for the following phrase ‘licor estore near me’?

Yes, I repeat, over 3,220,000 attempts to search for nearby liquor stores.

That is quite impressive!

However, why the misspelling?

  • Perhaps they simply do not know how to spell – which indicates a concerning view of our American educational system. Or, perhaps, the people who are typing that phrase are either broaching the time when the nearby liquor stores are about to close, or they simply had one too many and keyed in the misspelled phrase in a drunken haze. I understand the occasional fat finger mistake, but 3,200,000 fat fingers! I highly doubt that, so we believe, and hope, it’s likely the latter.

Could there be another reason?

We believe so.

  • Besides the people who search for a liquor store for whatever reasons they may have, we have uncovered that a large percentage of those searches are done for business purposes and not for someone, who doesn’t have the key to their father’s whiskey cabinet and is thirsty for a snort of bourbon.
  • Covid and economic business constraints have changed the brick-and-mortar business models and demographics shifts at an alarming rate in the past. For instance, The trend of the exodus from New York City has been on the rise for several years. 2020 with all its issues helped push the migration out of NYC to other states with Florida as a major destination.
  • The individual or the small family has had to make tough decisions to leave one of the best cities in the world.
  • Businesses are no different. Businesses throughout the tri-state area and New York City are moving out of the region to more financially sound pastures.
  • Businesses are making decisions to either sell now for a multitude of reasons. Let’s review some of those to understand what is happening and what options businesses have to maximize their options.

Why are businesses selling?

Plain and simple, economics.

  • Businesses are being sold at an alarming rate due to the economic climate at this time. Covid caused a massive downsizing effect so many small businesses completely went out of business or are on the market because simply the small to the medium-sized business owner doesn’t have the deep pockets compared to large corporations hence the need to sell.
  • Many small to medium-sized company owners feel like it is time to retire and cash in their chips.

The news looks positive for returning to a post-Covid ‘normal’ state.

  • There is likely going to be an uptick in investment and corporate mergers and acquisitions as companies gain confidence in the market and economic temperature. Business brokers are going to be busy as this trend continues.
  • The best option if you are ready to sell is to get on as many platforms as possible. You want to get as many eyes and ears to maximize your investment. Or you may be under the gun to cut the cord and need to sell as it doesn’t hurt to get on as many platforms as possible.
  • According to Jeffery Felberg, who wrote, “Selling Your Business? The 5 Best Strategies You Really Need To Know,” according to one of the strategies when selling your business, speed is your new best friend. Speed maximizes your investment as acting quickly favors the seller.
  • There are plenty of business brokers that are willing to help but also it doesn’t hurt to get on platforms that do not charge you a percentage of your business sale price, and, more importantly, help you get as much exposure on multiple networks, fast.
  • A recent trend has shown that liquor stores in Georgia have recently had an uptick in business for sale postings on the Business Broker Journal Network. A top-performing page with many views is a listing posted by America’s Realty company which lists a liquor store for sale – www.businessbrokerjournal.com/rome-Georgia-Business-For-Sale-Listing-8461-Liquor-store
  • You have done your due diligence and are ready to sell so, why not get as much exposure to as many qualified business buyers that work in your favor? Whether it’s a laundromat for sale, a restaurant for sale, a gas station for sale or a liquor store for sale – get on as many platforms as possible.

Don’t be that person that types ‘licor estore near me’ – be that person that types ‘liquor store near me

I do not think my English professor would be too thrilled with me having misspelled words in my writings, however, I had to deliver something to my editor.

Do not ask me what I had to tell my editor.

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