Do You Need Moving, Storage, or Both?

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Try A New Way of Moving and Storage.

PODS! Portable, On-Demand Storage Containers!

PODS moves, You Pack, You Save!

PODS® Portable Storage Containers make it Easy and Affordable to Store & Move Stuff To/From your Home or Business. No more traditional movers & moving trucks!

You are in Control of Container Delivery!

Follow these nice & easy steps:

  1. Call PODS directly at (855) 201-3982 with Promo Code: “BLUEFIN” for the latest discount or Get A Quote Online!
  2. PODS delivers a moving container to your home or business.
  3. You pack it at your own pace.
  4. When ready, call PODS to pick up the container.
  5. PODS drives, stores, and delivers locally or nationally.
  6. Call PODS when you arrive at your new digs for delivery.

Why PODS is the Better Choice?

Now that we know how PODS works, why should you choose this service?

When it comes to transferring goods or business inventory, the world has evolved at a slow but constant speed. We went from traditional moving companies to expensive moving and rental trucks to the entrance of a more efficient, flexible, and streamlined process that PODS has perfected and taken the industry to a completely different level.

While every household and business will have a different requirement for moving, PODS can handle each aspect of your moving and storage requirements and offer the flexibility that will be a cost and time saver.

Let us look at a few reasons why you might want to choose this next-gen service over a traditional mover, self-storage, fixed public storage, and rental trucks.


The foremost advantage of the PODS On-Demand moving and storage solution is giving you the control and flexibility to handle your packing at your leisure. You do not need to worry about two men and a truck standing around all day watching you load most of your stuff into their truck. Packing and loading should be at your convenience, same with unpacking. Moving from a house or business to another is already stressful. Thus, comfort in this aspect acts as a huge benefit, plus point and win for you.


The entire process of PODS is contactless. Once you load your goods onto the container, no one else will be in contact with it unless you unload it at your new house, location or new business location. There is no human contact as well, because once the driver drops the container at your home or business, they will only come to pick it up once you are entirely done with loading.

Large Network

Unlike traditional companies which have a limited network in the country, PODS can transfer your belongings and/or inventory to a whole different U.S. state or even a new country as well (listed above). With 44 states on the list, your stuff (no matter what it is) will go along with you. While you can travel with ease in your desired mode, your stuff will reach your new location safe and sound.

Moving and Storage Solution

Self-storage will take care of storing your goods while their hydraulic trucks will handle all transportation for you. You can choose when you want your goods delivered to your new location or have them stored at a secure location nearby. Unlike self-storage facilities wherein you have to visit the facility to have access to your goods, PODS will deliver these goods to your door whereby you will have access 24/7 right there.

While these points remain the significant differentiation between PODS and the traditional movers, several other benefits make portable storage containers the next-generation and newest trend of the current world economic situation.

With multiple personal and business benefits, moving out of the state just got easier. PODS has become the new, cost-effective, and flexible mode of transferring all items large and small. Whether the requirement is for a home, condo, or business, the various container sizes of PODS will handle it all. Of course, if moving was just not enough for you, their local storage facilities near you will undoubtedly be an indispensable service which will give you the flexibility and peace of mind you deserve during these unbelievably difficult times.

The Business Broker Journal Network recommends using PODS.

Get a Quote Now! Call PODS directly at (855) 201-3982 with PODS Promo Code: “BLUEFIN” for the latest, valid Discount! Or Click Here to Book Online!