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$4,500,000 for sale Restaurant with Real Estate

Restaurant with Real Estate

Illinois / Chicago

Thriving Landmark Northside Chicago Restaurant with Real Estate, Chicago This major northside Chicago restaurant is part family institution, part romantic paradise. It was serving delicious food to eager diners when many of its current customers were in diapers. The food, menu, and service of this classy restaurant have been acclaimed by Chicago and national critics for decades. The unique and delicious foo...

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  • Gross Income   -   $1,500,000
  • Cash Flow   -   $500,000
$170,000 for sale Ethnic Restaurant

Ethnic Restaurant

Illinois / Chicago

Rare Opportunity to Own a Wildly Popular Lakeview Eatery with BUZZ (Lakeview Neighborhood, Chicago, Illinois) Word-of-mouth buzz has been driving hordes of chic and picky diners to this cleverly designed ethnic eatery in the middle of trendy Lakeview. The perplexingly reasonable prices and the astonishingly good Middle Eastern food are likely responsible for turning first-time gawkers into devoted regulars ...

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  • Gross Income   -   $400,000
  • Cash Flow   -   $150,000
$1,630,000 for sale Bakery with Real Estate

Bakery with Real Estate

Illinois / Chicago

Full Service Booming Independent Northshore Bakery with Real Estate Three generations of European and American baking expertise have gone into making this booming north suburban bakery a favorite for retail customers and wholesale accounts. Located in a busy retail district, yet not far from an expressway cloverleaf, this bakery undoubtedly owes part of its continuing growth to being in the middle of its af...

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  • Gross Income   -   $750,000
  • Cash Flow   -   $250,000
$950,000 for sale Automotive Repair Shop

Automotive Repair Shop

Illinois / Chicago

West Side Chicago Auto Repair Shop. Five auto bays filled with diligent, highly skilled mechanics draw a steady stream of customers to this West Side auto repair and maintenance shop. Located on a busy street, this business has earned a devoted clientele and a healthy profit for its owner by providing high quality service at reasonable prices. This is definitely a hands-on business for an owner operator. Sa...

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  • Gross Income   -   $650,000
  • Cash Flow   -   $245,000
$750,000 for sale South Suburban Auto Franchise

South Suburban Auto Franchise

Illinois / Chicago

This well-run national brand auto service shop has a prominent location on a busy thoroughfare in themiddle of a bustling commercial district. It's conveniently located near literally dozens of retailbusinesses, making it a natural spot for busy consumers to drop their car for fast, quality service. The business comes completely staffed with highly trained technicians --no small achievement these days. Bein...

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  • Gross Income   -   $850,000
  • Cash Flow   -   $195,000
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