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This VC Fund Is Taking A Cue From Philanthropy To Put More Women At “The Helm”

Over the last few years, a number of female-first funds have cropped up. Organizations like Female Founders Fund and BBG Ventures have a stated mission to support women-led startups, and their numbers are growing. But  we’re still a long way from anything resembling equity.  Last year, men received $58.2 billion in venture capital funding, while women took home a paltry $1.46 billion. Those numbers are even more galling when coupled with the sexism and sexual harassment allegations reported by countless women in the tech industry.  To that end, we’ve seen the recent launch of a few more funds by women, for women—including  XFactor Ventures , whose investment team is made up of women who are already VC-funded entrepreneurs, and Toronto-based SheEO , which just expanded to the United States and brings together 500 women who each put $1,100 toward the fund . Now there’s a new entry to the VC landscape. It’s called the Helm, and it’s offering seed funding to startups with female founders and CEOs.  At first blush, its model may sound a bit similar to that of SheEO, in that the Helm is building a community of investors who each have to put a minimum investment toward the fund

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This VC Fund Is Taking A Cue From Philanthropy To Put More Women At “The Helm”

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