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The Winter Olympics Will Be A Coming-Out Party For 5G Wireless

The world record speed for a bobsled is 125 mph. Whether or not any teams beat that during the Winter Olympics in Korea, they will collectively set a different speed record: for beaming data from a bobsled to a cell tower, at several gigabits per second. Bobsledding is one of the sports, along with figure skating, that wireless provider KT Corporation (formerly Korea Telecom) will use to highlight 5G wireless technology. Intel and Samsung will provide tech for many of the demos, which the lucky few attending the games will get to see. “The Olympics is a showcase for the types of things that are probably going to roll out earlier in South Korea maybe than anywhere else, given that they frequently are on the leading edge of the next iteration of cellular technology,” says Gartner analyst Bill Menezes. Rival carriers SK Telecom and LG U+ will also be showing off 5G, but KT has talked more about what it has planned for the games. The 5G technology standard was just finalized in December . All three Korean carriers aim to deply it in 2019, at least to some extent. Networks specially built for the Korean carriers in the Olympic towns of Pyeongchang and Gangneung will demonstrate what’s possible.

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The Winter Olympics Will Be A Coming-Out Party For 5G Wireless

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