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The Pleasure Of Traversing Japan By Local Bus, On YouTube

Tamura Kenichi  has pulled off an incredible achievement: He has traveled from one end of Japan to the other by local bus. What’s more, going by the username OleOleSaggy, he’s posted videos of his trip (220 in all) to YouTube  as a playlist . The first video in the series begins near  Wakkanai , Japan’s northernmost settlement. The trip continues by bus  along the remote Sea of Okhotsk coastline , passing through some of the most spectacular scenery in Japan. Not all of the 11-plus-hour trip is documented in the video, but it’s still a great way to explore Japan. More than 200 videos and  three years  later, OleOleSaggy finishes his trip at  Kagoshima Station , a distance, depending on the route taken, of  at least 2,600 kilometers . You can view the entire trip  here . According to the playlist description , OleOleSaggy isn’t quite finished with the project yet, with plans to travel and document several bus routes in more detail, as well as one day traveling by bus through Okinawa to conclude the series.

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The Pleasure Of Traversing Japan By Local Bus, On YouTube

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