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HomePod Reviewed: Heavyweight Audio Processing Makes The Magic

Apple’s new HomePod is billed as a “smart speaker” like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, but it’s much more of a speaker than it is smart. Apple’s Siri natural language digital assistant is baked into the HomePod (as it is in most every Apple device), but its skill set is confined to some basic tasks, and its integrations are limited to what’s within the Apple ecosystem. Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are more helpful as natural language-based digital assistants. But the HomePod sounds quite a lot better than those other smart speakers. Apple makes several claims about the fidelity of the HomePod. It promises superb overall sound. It says the HomePod’s sound output is true to the production intent of the recording it’s playing–that is add bass heft or treble crispness where it doesn’t actually exist on the recording. Apple says the speaker delivers audio that sounds the same regardless of the place in the room from which you’re listening. And it says HomePod will deliver the same audio experience regardless of where its placed in the room. After testing the speaker for a couple of days, I believe the HomePod backs up those claims. Whether that’s worth $349 depends on the buyer. [Photo: courtesy of Apple] What’s Inside The HomePod’s insides feature some design innovations that contribute to its big sound

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HomePod Reviewed: Heavyweight Audio Processing Makes The Magic

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