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Five Extremely Serious Lessons Of The Animoji Karaoke Phenomenon

“Here’s hoping Animoji karaoke becomes a thing.” That was what I tweeted on Halloween night when I shared a video–10 seconds of a cartoon fox lip-syncing a snippet of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” –which I had made with the iPhone X’s Animoji feature , which uses the phone’s TrueDepth camera to map your face movements to an animated emoji character. 24 hours later, I figured out how to break through the 10-second ceiling imposed by the Animoji applet inside the iPhone’s Messages app. I then used iMovie to edit together two Animoji characters performing a duet of the first song that popped into my head—”Hooked on a Feeling,” as performed by Blue Swede ( ooga chaka! )—and added the soundtrack in post-production for better audio fidelity. Then I tweeted the results and went to bed. More Animoji Karaoke for you. — Harry McCracken ???????????????????????????????? (@harrymccracken) November 2, 2017 When I woke up the next morning, I had a direct message from my friend Lance Ulanoff of Mashable , who, like me, had a pre-release iPhone X provided by Apple for review purposes. He excitedly asked me how I overcame the 10-second limit

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Five Extremely Serious Lessons Of The Animoji Karaoke Phenomenon

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