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After 10 new Member Sign-Ups: Earn more of the recurring revenue from any customers who signup after clicking on your link or using your coupon code.

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Each Affiliate Partner cookie lasts for 90 days to ensure you are correctly credited for any new Member that you refer even if they take a while to make a decision.

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Promotional Resources

Enjoy a wide selection of useful marketing materials to help you kick off your Affiliate Partnership Program (APP).

We will provide digital assets including banners, logos, and ad iamges to most effectively complement your marketing strategy & website.

Our team will assist you to get the best results by supporting you every way we can, including joint webinars, social media marketing post & cover images, online ad campaigns and more.

Affiliate Partnership Program (APP) Rules & Regulations

In order to maintain the value of our brand, The Business Broker Journal Network maintains strict standards for participation in The Business Broker Journal Network Affiliate Partnership Pogram (APP).

In order to participate in the APP, you must meet the following criteria and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Policies for our Affiliate Partnership Program (APP).

The Business Broker Journal Network will verify compliance with all Terms & Conditions of the Program before payout on a monthly basis. The Business Broker Journal Network reserves the right to refuse payout in the event of any violations of any of the program rules, terms and conditions.

  • Must operate a business, website or online service or channel in or related to the business broker, trading or investing verticals.
  • Must agree to never engage in unethical or unsolicited marketing activities. No spam E-mail marketing nor any other spamming (of any kind).
  • Must agree to never misrepresent the benefits or performance of our online service in general. No programs that are marketed using income promises, performance guarantees or other language that may be considered misleading is prohibited.
  • Must agree to never misrepresent the capabilities or features of the The Business Broker Journal Network platform or in anyway imply or state anything untrue about the benefits of using it. We believe in honest marketing.
  • Must read, understand and agree to the Affiliate Partnership Program (APP) Terms and Conditions.

For Additional information please visit us at The Business Broker Journal Network, or our Partner Website at Business To Buy.