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With AR Glasses, Apple May Finally Break The Black Mirror’s Spell

Apple helped nail our noses to the black mirror (read: our smartphone screens). There’s no way around it. More than anyone else, the company made smartphone screens fun to look at, and enabled app developers to find a million ways to fix our attention there. And that made Apple the most valuable tech company in the world. Smartphones may have made us more productive, connected, and entertained, but they’ve also left us more distracted and isolated from each other as we spend more time alone with our little metal-and-glass friends. Apple is very aware of this—and, I sense, not very comfortable with it. Its executives have talked a lot in recent years about creating technology that helps relieve us of the fearsome demands of the digital world and lets us stay engaged in real life. Jony Ive said that sort of thinking was a driving principle behind the creationg of the Apple Watch. Notifications on our phones would be easily glanceable–and ignorable–on our wrist, Ive and other Apple execs told us. We could just look down, swipe unimportant notifications aside, and continue on doing whatever we were doing. A groovy concept to be sure, and it does work to an extent. But I still spend a lot of time staring at my iPhone. The problem, in a way, is ergonomic.

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With AR Glasses, Apple May Finally Break The Black Mirror’s Spell

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