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Energy is the largest industry in Alaska today, thanks in large part to the Prudhoe Bay oil and gas reservoir. The reservoir, which is the largest in North America, helps Alaska to produce about 20 percent of U.S. oil supply. Alaska’s second largest industry is tourism. Each year, the state welcomes over one million tourists, who bring in $1.5 billion to the local economy. Other large industries include fishing, timber, mining, and agriculture.

Two governmental policies unique to the state are taxation and the Alaskan Permanent Fund. Alaska is the only state that does not charge personal sales or income taxes. Government funding largely comes through petroleum revenues. In addition, the Alaskan Permanent Fund collects oil royalties and manages them through capital investment to provide residents with annual dividends, ranging from $331.29 in 1984 to $1963.86 in 2000.

Business Data

Per Capita Real GDP$43,748 Rank: 6/50 (2006)
Population626,932 Rank: 48/50 (2000)
Per Capita Personal Income$37,271 Rank: 16/50 (2006)
Unemployment Rate6.50% Rank: 49/50 (2008)
Business Tax Climate IndexRank: 4/50 (2008)
Corporate Tax Rate1% - 9.4%
Individual Tax Rate 0
Sales Tax Rate 0 - 7%

Business Tax Climate Index

Individual Income Tax Index Rank1
Sales Tax Index Rank5
Unemployment Insurance Tax Index Rank47
Property Tax Index Rank22
Business Tax Climate Index4
Corporate Tax Index Rank26

State Information

Nick NameLast Frontier
State Web Site
MottoNorth to the Future

Top 5 Export Partner Countries

Japan, Korea, South, China, Canada, Germany

Top 5 Export Merchandise

Petroleum and Coal Products Sales

Major Cities

Anchorage municipality (Population 279,67) Fairbanks (Population 34,540) Juneau (Population 30,690)


Total Gross Domestic Product (USD Millions) $44,517.00 (2007)
Per Capita Real GDP (USD)$44,807.00 Rank: 7 (2007)

Population Stats

Population 686,293 Rank: 47 (2008)

Age Distribution

Under 18 Population190,717
Under 18 Percent of Total Population30%
65 and older Population35,699
65 and older Percent of Total Population6%

Gender Distribution

Male Population51.7%
Female Population48.3%
Non-English Speaker (at home)64,217
Net International Immigration5,800
Birth Rate15.8%
Percent of People Under Poverty Level11.2%


Per Capita State Spending$12,504
Energy Expenditures per Person$9,080
Expenditures of State and Local Government Employee-Retirement Systems$799,581


Personal Income$30,787
State Internal Revenue Collection$4,287,200
Cash and Deposits by State Government$375,478
Per Capita State Tax Collection$3,689


High School Graduation Rate62%
Percent of Population with a Bachelor's Degree16.5%
Percent of Population with an Advanced Degree9.7%

Largest Universities

University of Alaska, Anchorage University of Alaska, Fairbanks University of Alaska, Southeast
High School Graduation Rate62%


Public Road Length (Mile)14,787
Gas Tax Rate (%)8%
Highway Planning and Construction (USD Thousands)297,346
Number of Public Airports406

Main Airports

ANC: Anchorage FAI: Fairbanks


Anchorage Kivilina Nikishka Valdez



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State Business Links

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Small Business Administration

Alaska Small Business Administration
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U.S. Export Assistance Center of Alaska
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World Trade Center Alaska
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