Linda J. Purcell CBI, MCBC, CSBA, Fellow of the IBBA

Linda J. Purcell CBI, MCBC, CSBA, Fellow of the IBBA 1020 W. Mallard Dr., Palatine, Illinois, 60067



Linda J. Purcell is Past Chairman of the IBBA, a member of M&A Source, Institute of Certified Business Counselors & serves on the MBBI Board. As an Intermediary, Linda represents business owners interested in exiting ownership, acquiring companies or a third party evaluation. Purcell Associates LLC / Intermediary 1985 - Present Linda grew up working in a small family owned business. In an "another lifetime" Linda was an R.N. (Registered Nurse) and raised a family. Linda entered business brokerage in 1985. Linda enjoys the entire process, from preparing a company for market through the closing and smooth transition of ownership. It is essential for an Owner to understand the range of values in which Linda expects to see activity when the business comes to market. A quality profile accurately describes the owner's role and business philosophy, products and services offered, vendors, competition, key employees, the physical and intangible assets and historical financials. The resulting comprehensive business review is a collaborative effort reflecting Linda's questions and research and the owner's input and review. When the company is properly positioned and packaged, the search for the best prospective acquisition candidate begins... and continues on a confidential basis. The goal is to find the individual or corporate acquirer who can utilize existing skills and resources to acquire and grow an already successful operation! Education IBBA University 1989 Linda is an Intermediary, who represents Owners who want to retire, try their hand at a new endeavor, relocate or simply relinquish the challenges, trials & tribulations and rewards of business ownership. They want to work with someone who is ready to take the business they have built to the next level. Helping an Owner reap the rewards for his or her years of dedication, ingenuity, and hard work is one facet of the Intermediary's endeavor. Finding the prospective entrepreneur who relishes the challenges and who has the ability to not only to write but to implement a strategic business plan for future growth, enables: 1) The Owner to exit gracefully, often with compensation that funds either a comfortable retirement or new venture 2) The employee, customer and vendor relationships to continue to prosper. 3) The individual acquirer to apply his talents to maintain and grow an up and running a profitable company with systems in place, avoiding the riskier start-up alternatives. 4) The corporate entity to acquire strategic operations, in some instances folding them into an existing plant, eliminating overhead while expanding markets and cross-selling. An existing business may be a polished gem or a diamond in the rough, but it is almost always multi-faceted and a pleasure to represent!

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