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The World’s Biggest Biometric Database Keeps Leaking People’s Data

India’s national scheme holds the personal data of  more than 1.13 billion  citizens and residents of India within a unique ID system branded as  Aadhaar, which means “foundation” in Hindi. But as  more and more evidence  reveals that the government is not keeping this information private, the actual foundation of the system appears shaky at best. On January 4, 2018,  The Tribune  of India , a news outlet based out of Chandigarh, created a firestorm when it reported that people were selling access to Aadhaar data on WhatsApp, for alarmingly low prices. #TRIBUNEINVESTIGATION  —  #SECURITYBREACH  | by  @RachnaKhaira Rs 500, 10 minutes, and you have access to billion  #Aadhaar  details — The Tribune (@thetribunechd)  January 3, 2018 The investigation followed a man named Bharat Bhushan Gupta, a  village-level entrepreneur  who was lured into buying access to the database by people who approached him on  WhatsApp . Gupta later realized that he had access to much more information than he’d asked for. Concerned about what this might mean for ID holders, Gupta attempted to notify the Unique Identity Authority of India ( UIDAI ), the agency responsible for issuing Aadhaar numbers, about the problem, but was unable to confirm that UIDAI was aware of or addressing the problem. Gupta is one of 270,000 such village-level entrepreneurs who operate Common Service Centres responsible for various e-services between governments, businesses, and citizens. He then approached Tribune journalist Rachna Khaira, who undertook the investigation

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The World’s Biggest Biometric Database Keeps Leaking People’s Data

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