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Intel Is Partnering With Chinese Automaker SAIC On Self-Driving Cars

At the Consumer Electronic Show, Intel announced a new deal with Chinese car manufacturer SAIC Motor to develop Level 3, 4, and 5 autonomous vehicles. The chipmaker is also collaborating with Chinese mapping company NavInfo for this project. China is a notoriously difficult market for foreign companies working on self-driving cars. The country has restrictions in place preventing such companies from getting the mapping data necessary to meaningfully operate self-driving cars. Intel’s relationship with NavInfo will prove extremely crucial as it builds technology there. As a result of the tie-up with Intel, SAIC cars will have advanced driver assistance systems capable of navigating traffic and highways and braking in an emergency. It’s the same Autopilot-like technology that Chinese Tesla competitor NIO integrated into its SUV ES8 late last year . SAIC will feed data into, and get access to, Intel subsidiary Mobileye’s Road Experience Management technology, which pulls images and other contextual data from car-embedded cameras in an effort to build a high-definition map that updates in real-time. Cars will get crowdsourced data on weather, road closures, potholes, and other obstacles. The map acts as a complementary source of information to a self-driving car’s local sensors and cameras.

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Intel Is Partnering With Chinese Automaker SAIC On Self-Driving Cars

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